Four Week

7million. 88%. Two eggs. Our success story.

I went into the clinic for my scheduled blood test. Nervous! I do not recall the last time I felt that anxious. Once they draw blood work you head home to wait for the call. I however, headed to work. It was not until about 1pm until the phone rang for me. The nurse said that she had good news. I almost screamed for joy! She said that the test results came back ans very strong positive. I had tears in my eyes. This could finally be happening. 

My husband is in the military. He is currently out of country. All I wanted to do was call him to tell him that we did it, that we were finally going to be parents. I had lost all hope, I was sitting in the doctors office in absolute fear. Three days prior I took a pregnancy test. It came back positive. I sat there for a moment and cried. I cried because I was happy and cried because I knew things were early and everything could still go wrong. I had read about chemical pregnancies.. where you receive a positive and days later a negative because the implantation could not finish.

My husband and I talked about this. About how he wanted to wait until our trip in a few months to know whether or not the procedure was successful. 7 weeks away. I came up with a brilliant way to tell him. Yesterday the clinic emailed him with my first ultrasound appointment. It started off with a giant congratulations. They were supposed to call. He read it. We video chatted yesterday and he told me that he knew. I was so upset. I wanted it to be the perfect surprise. He did not care that they ruined the surprise. He was elated, absolutely happy. He cried. For the first time ever I saw my strong, emotionally solid husband cry. He was going to be a daddy and couldn’t be happier.

The day I found out! 3 weeks 4 days.

Cautiously optimistic.

I’m going to be a mommie.


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