Day Eleven

Yesterday was my first ultra sound. I went in bright and early for blood work and another internal ultrasound. My gosh are those uncomfortable. My husband came with me for support, lucky for me, I really needed it. I lay there on the bed and watch as the take pictures of my lining and my uterus and begin looking at each ovary. She had trouble with the right one, so I started panicking thinking it somehow vanished. Silly thought but I was exhausted. 

After the exam I am sent back to the waiting room. We sit in awkward silence surrounded by other couples, waiting.

The nurse calls my name and we go back to the consultation room. She informs me that I have two follicles growing. Not as many as I had hoped for but this is our first treatment. However, my body has decided to get ready for premature ovulation and the nurse prescribes me three days of a new drug Certitide that will stop my body from ovulating until the clinic states my ovaries are ready. I am fortune to have such a good husband.

This week has been rough. I started to feel nauseated after my Gonal F doses, he drove 40km to my work to bring me juice ans gravol. The gravol and my side effects mixed and I ended up with a crappy case of vertigo. Besides that I became irritable and frustrated. I’m sure he was hoping for weepy but my hormones were angry instead. Well with my nerves yesterday he was focused on keeping me calm and I am thankful. He met me at work after the appointment to bring me lunch and breakfast.Upon him arriving he found me sitting there in a panic because I forgot how to mix the dose and the needle was stuck in the syringe when it shouldn’t be and I was crying. He calmed me down, prepared my dose for me ans squeezed my shoulder while I injected what felt like my millionth shot into my tummy. 

Ok so the directions from the pharmacy were horrible. I kept my skin pinched and injected it fast like I was told and immediately I had a bubble under my skin at the injection site from thenair bubble she told me wasn’t an issue. Withing 2 hours I was black and blue. I am swollen. Worst experience.

Today I watched the online videos ans got rid of the bubble and pinched less skin and its just slightly painful. Lesson learned. Anemic women should be careful! 

My dogs are frightened because my tummy is so sore from all these needles amnd bruises that I’m constantly crying out in pain. They hate to see me sick and are very upset lately. Poor boys. They just can’t handle this as much as I cannot.

I was ready to give up after yesterday’s experience. Today I am just emotional.

I have an ultrasound again tomorrow to see where my ovaries are in growth and how well the follicles are growing as well. Hopefully only one more needle after tomorrow. The lengths to have a child. 


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